Patriot Reload Telethon

by awakeYoda
Created Oct 14, 2020 | Malvern, AR
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The Patriot Reload program airs each weekday on and is simulcast across several platforms.
My goal is to provide you with 2 hours of brutally honest commentary on the news events of the day.
Because Google will not allow us to monetize our Youtube channel, nor will they allow me to use adsense on the web aps & services we provide we have to raise all of the funds necessary ourselves.
We are a 100% listerner/viewer funded operation.
I need your help ... on any given week I will invest 45-50 hours in both preperation and the delivery of the daily program.
I also own and operate the following websites and services at my own expense:
- (a link shortner for the Patriot cummunity)
- (a link shortner for the Patriot cummunity)
- (my personal site and blog)
- (a file sharing site for the Patriot cummunity)
- (a handy tool making it easy for you to download video from social media)
- plus a few other hosting and storage solutions for fellow patriots that are intended to be private (6 of them)
About my program ... Two power-packed hours of news and commentary with no commercial breaks! It is my goal to give you more in two hours than you'd get in three hours from the "pros" on radio.
The entirety of my adult life has been one of faith. When you pastor small churches, it is not unusual for you to go several weeks without a salary. This does not bother me, though it does sometimes lead to "exciting" times.
Our goal for today is to raise $3,000
- NOTE - The percentage of money that I get from this website is the highest of ALL other platforms. 3.5% of your donations go to the payment gateway (Stripe) with a whopping 96.5% going directly to me.
Other platforms will want to charge as much as 20% for operational costs.
Thank you for your support! I know the coming months and are going to be exciting and that the next four years will be prime opportunity to build something that is able to thrive outside of the control that Big Tech currently has of the patriot movement.
  • Jean Zei
    Jean Zei donated $100

    Thank you for CALM reliable reporting!

  • Greg L Tennant
    Greg L Tennant donated $25

    Name on card is Gregrey Tennant

  • Laura Prado
    Laura Prado donated $100

    AKA Elle Pea, always will follow you. Much love and blessings

  • Farmanon
    Farmanon donated $100
  • Rachel Frake
    Rachel Frake donated $50

    Keep fighting the fight! Love you

  • Patricia Dunaway Robinson
    Patricia Dunaway Robinson donated $20
  • Mary E Mcelligott
    Mary E Mcelligott donated $25

    Gary, Been following you from the beginning. Love your show.

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