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by awakeYoda
Created Nov 20, 2020 | Malvern, AR
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We have our first server up and running ... You can find it here: ThePatriot.Network. It is our intention to add more servers thus increasing our capacity capabilities. Please consider helping make this dream a reality.
For several years Patriots have been using the services offered by Youtube (Google) and other "Big Tech" platforms to live stream their programs, edpisodes, and documentaries. However, we are moving into a more hyper-politicized world where Big Tech is increasingly silencing voices that run counter to their agenda, I feel compelled to challenge this trend by building a place where I and my fellow patriots will be abl to safely bring you content including news, research, & entertainment without having to worry about some "woke" liberal getting offended and purging us from their platform.
It is my goal to start a new live streaming platform that will allow me and others to use servers that are not controlled by Big Tech to host live streams without using Youtube, Facebook, or Twitch.
In order to do this, there are two great problems that must be solved,
  1. You need someone to build the necessary platform using web technologies ... otherwise know as "coding" and
  2. You need to have access to a dedicated server with an abundance of resources (multicore processor(s), generous amount of ram, and unlimited bandwidth).
  • Multi-core Processors are responsible for the actual encoding/decoding of audio and video that is incoming from a live streamer and that it outgoing to the viewer. The more and better processors you have the faster and easier this process is
  • Generous amounts of Ram (memory) - This is important because when you are processing a video stream or even a video, you will typically require twice the size of the video in the amount of ram. Meaning that if a video gets uploaded and it is 1Gb in size then you will need 2gb of ram to process that video smoothely. Multiply that time numerous simultaneous users and you can see why more ram = better performance.
  • Unlimited bandwidth - This is critical because it will ensure that a virtually unlimited number of people woul be able to watch a given video at any given time. Suppose your favorite patriot uploads a video that is really popular and thousands of people are watching it ... 1,000 (viewers) x video 1Gb in size = 1TB in bandwidth. Unlimited traffic IS A MUST.

The first problem is already solved because I am capable of building both the front end and the back end of such a service. I have also secured the help of an incredibly talented and very experienced server-side developer who will be assisting and actually doing a lot of the heavy lifting. He will be charging a moderate & competivie fee for his services if they become extensive.
The second problem is the money. I do not have the resources to fund this endeavor. If I did, I would and would never regret it. That means, I must turn to crowdfunding ... that is, asking for you to help.
If 25 people would commit to $100 then we could add aditional servers to the network, thus tripleing or quadrupling our capacity.
NOTE: All of my time is donated.
25 people at $100 = $2,500
50 people at $50 = $2,500
100 people at $25 = $2,500
200 people at $12.50 = $2,500
400 people at $6.25 = $2,500

Our first server can handle:
  • a virtually unlimited number of viewers from around the world
  • a virtually unlimited number of people that would upload videos (not live streamers)
  • a limited number (5-7) people who can do a livestream at any given moment
Each additional server would not just double what the first server could do but would multiply by 3-4 what the first server can do alone ... its called "load balncing".
My goal is, to eventually, have a network of dozens, perhaps hundreds of servers in our network, and therefore able to compete with the "big boys".
If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to send me an email at
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